Travelicious #3: Fear and Loathing in Brussels

I had the better part of a day to spend in Brussels, so rather than waste it just hanging around the airport, I decided to go into the city proper. The first thing I noticed was that everything in Brussels is in at least three languages. Dutch is almost always first, followed by French, and then either German or English. I think I saw Italian in a few places, too. Seeing the same thing written in a few languages certainly gives you clues as to what it’s saying even if you don’t actually know said languages.

Travelicious #2: Terror at 38,000 Feet

I departed Newark a little late. The plane didn’t start boarding on time. There was a lot of pre-boarding. People didn’t queue up in any kind of sensible fashion for general boarding. Finally, a bunch of other planes had to take off before we got our chance. We got into the air a good 45 minutes later than scheduled. The pilot hoped we would get a chance to make up some time as we crossed the Atlantic.

Travelicious #1: The Departure

In using #1 to designate this entry, you might think I’m boxing myself in and indicating there can’t and won’t be entries that describe events prior to this, such as planning and packing and so forth. Oh, but you would be wrong, because #0 and #-1 and so forth are still available. If it’s good enough for comic books, it’s good enough for me. That little detour aside, I am sitting in Terminal B at Newark Liberty Airport, waiting for my plane to be called for boarding.

Childproof Epsilon - New Comic

I started a new comic strip. It kinda sucks, but you can read it anyway. Find it here: Send hate mail. “Enjoy.”

Adventures in Typesetting, Part 1

A task I undertook a while back was typesetting my (still-upcoming) book, Shatternity: Origins. This post is not really about the book but rather the process of editing and typesetting it. For this article I will focus specifically on the use of styles. Going in, I had no knowledge of typesetting. I’d taken word-processing courses over the years and I know my way around Word and OpenOffice. I can usually figure things out when I need to.

What am I doing here?

It’s been quite some time since I posted anything. Does anyone even read this? Perhaps they would if I posted silly things about stuff. Oh dear. I will consider it.

The Layoff: One Year Later

Exactly a year ago today, I lost my job. In so many ways, it was a first for me. I started working at this place–a software company–part-time while I was in college. The only other jobs I had in that period involved babysitting computer labs for minimum wage, and doing some consulting work for a CPA. Eventually, I left both of those for the sake of the software company, so I could work more hours there, but I was still considered an intern.


I’ve been very remiss about updating this. Mostly, I’ve been working on my book. It has been edited, typeset, has supplemental material, and now only lacks a cover–which I am working on. I am going on vacation next week, too, so updates will be sporadic for a while. Once I have the book in the can and I’m not on vacation, however, things should pick up once more. I’ll try to throw in a few more bits from the archive this week, though, if I can manage it.

Drone (58)

I haven’t done much in the way of music lately, so I rectified that by creating a 58-minute ambient piece: Drone (58) Right-click to download. Comments are always welcome.

WordPress vs. Drupal vs. Joomla

As someone who runs several websites, I’ve become pretty familiar with some of the common content management systems out there. Although you will find people who advocate for a particular CMS over another, I’m more the kind of person who wants the right tool for the job. No system is right for every situation. So, this article is meant to help you choose which one is right for you! I’ll be touching mostly on WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, though I will throw in a few thoughts about PHP-Nuke, as well.