Test of Time

Test of Time is something I wrote back in early 2001. In fact, I wrote the four stories in the series before 9⁄11, which is kind of odd in retrospect, since Islamic terrorism is one of the major topics involved. However, it is set in a very alternate history, so any comparisons to our world are ambiguous at best. The premise of Test of Time is fairly straightforward. The Pale One–a quasi-immortal being of pure white complexion–has ruled over humanity for generations.

Appendix: Spacecraft Registry

This is admittedly a very nerdy entry. I was digging through my Shatternity binder and found the spacecraft registry I drew up for it about 17 years ago. Yes, that was a while ago. These are meant to be spacecraft contemporary to Robert Maxwell’s Protector. I expect to include this as an appendix in one of the Shatternity books. Not really any commentary required, just enjoy a somewhat useless list.

Death of the Critic

Some background on this might be helpful. There was an incident a couple years ago in which a video game reviewer was fired for lambasting a game that was heavily advertised on the same site that published him. Evidently, it came down to this powerful (and monied) advertiser walking, or the reviewer losing his job. As a business decision, you can see how it makes sense, but it makes the actual review site look like they have zero credibility.

The Squirrel

For my true inaugural entry, I settled on this poem. It’s based on a true event, and I can actually remember it like it happened yesterday. There’s also some potential for improvement–okay, a lot of potential, because it really sucks as it is. So, here is the original text of The Squirrel, written in the spring of 1999: I saw it, sitting, in the road On the white dashed line It looked up, down It did not see me I watched as it simply observed The world around it I heard a roar behind me An approaching car “Run!

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